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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Bail Bondsman

First things first, a bail bondsman is also known as a bond agent. He acts on behalf of a company or acts on an individual capacity independently. The main role of a bail bondsman is to present a surety bond to the court to influence the release of a person who would otherwise have remained in custody until trial. Now, a bail bondsman is recognized by the court, no wonder there are always pre-arrangements and contractual agreements with the courts in both the county and state levels in which the bondsman operates. This explains the reason why you must work with a bail bondsman from your locality when in need of these services.

Due to these contractual agreements, the defendant is allowed to make a sort of “blanket” bond to the court of law which is often an amount significantly less than the originally set bail amount. In return, the bail bondsman is making a guarantee to the court of law that the defendant must return for all scheduled court hearings, failure to which they should be held responsible. If the defendant does not hold their end of the bargain, the bond agent will be accused of making restitution and will be expected to cater for the full original bail amount. See the kind of risk a bond agent takes on behalf of a defendant?

That said, there are a couple of advantages that come with using a bail bondsman. First and foremost, the bond agent has access to specific securities that will be furnished as a bond in a court of law to secure the release of the defendant, even if in the middle of the night. Of course, this is made possible because of special agreements they have with credit provides like insurance companies and other financial institutions to help access a line of credit even beyond business working hours. As such, a defendant should be released in the shortest time possible after having the bond presented to the court. Additionally, using bail bondsman services saves both the defendant and their family from having to cater for the entire bail in cash.

Having said that, there are some specific considerations that ought to be made when considering working with a bail bondsman. For one, the defendant must be responsible enough to adhere to the release agreement. This is especially true if the bail amount is extremely high and the bondsman has secured the bond in the form of collateral such as a vehicle or home. Should the defendant not hold their end of the deal, the property used as collateral will be taken by the bail bondsman? Also take note of the fact that the bond agent will be authorized to put up a bounty hunter to look for and return the defendant who is on the run.

In a nutshell, bail bondsman services are very convenient when you or a love one has to secure their freedom awaiting trial. However, the defendant must adhere to the terms and conditions and hold their end of the bargain.

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