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Prescription Drug News 2019: Medication That Increased Price Most

An approximation of $1200 is the expenditure by Americans in purchasing prescription drugs each year. Some people are unable to buy these prescription drugs because they are very expensive for them. Even though some have medical insurance, but still is quite expensive for them to buy. An extreme is seen for those without an insurance cover. It has been seen from the past a trend of rising prices of prescription medication. Let’s have a look at the prescription medication that has risen most in price in 2019.

$13.50 to about $750 in 2015 was the price increase in the medication type called Daraprim. The concern raised a discussion about these prescription medication prices in the country. The supply of the drug in the year 2019 cost $4500. People living with HIV infection can be helped to fight other infections by this drug. Also, for healthy people, this drug can treat toxoplasmosis infections.

Lowering the chance of getting a stroke in your body is done by the aid of a drug called Eliquis. This also is not an exception in the list of the very expensive drugs. This drug also reduces the effect of blood clotting in the veins. Unfortunately, we have no other alternatives parallel to this drug. In 2019, the price of this drug was approximately $550, and this is very high. Drug purchase should follow a keen look at these prescription medication prices.

Treating diabetes 2 infection in your body and also controlling the blood sugar level in your body is very important. There exist a drug called Tradjenta that is there for this purpose. We have no other alternative for this drug and is very popular today. An insurance covers the most common version of this drug. But it may not be fully covered by insurance, it usually covered partially. Currently, it cost up to $500 and looking at these prescription medication prices is important before purchasing.

In the market, there exists a drug that can help the smoking addicts to get minimal withdrawal effects. This drug is key and is called the Chantix. We are hoping for alternatives of these drugs in the future hence reduced prices. Estimations of their prices currently are at $55. Before any purchase, these prescription medication prices are key as your guideline.

Keeping up with prescription drug news is key for you to be updated on which medication is going to get expensive. Minimizing the expenditure on medication is important to your budget and therefore this can only be made possible by good research about the same.