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The Essence of Regenerative Medicine to Heel Pain

Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic disease mostly of foot and ankle parts which cause discomforts due to severe pain; make sure you find an appropriate way of treating the condition. One of the effective means of treatment is by use of regenerative medicines rather than surgery. Remember when exposed to surgical procedures, more risks can be generated, and hence it is good to consider a convenient and effective method of treating the problem. Hence, you need regenerative medicines to relieve pain and feel the best again. This branch of medicine works by creating living tissues that have the ability to repair or replace the damaged tissues or organs. Also, the missing organs can be replaced effectively with this kind of treatment. Regenerative medicine involves stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma, and gene therapy among others. Stem cell transplant can be used to treat injuries of the joints, including the back, neck, and knees plus stimulating the emergence or growth of new tissues. Platelets rich plasma is essential is responsible for accelerating the body’s own healing process and mostly the muscles, ligaments, and tendons can be treated well. This branch of molecular engineering is pivotal; keep reading to understand more about the essence of regenerative medicine in the healing process.

Recovery time is minimal. As compared to other methods of treatments where one is required to be admitted to a hospital for an extended period, regenerative medicine helps to prevent such processes. Most of the patients can resume their normal activities after the transplant. Both patients who need either stem cell or platelet-rich plasma transplants are treated as an outpatient and they are required to leave the facility after the therapy. This is due to minor side effects that have been reported; among which include the following; minor discomforts or bruising at the site of injection. This kind of discomforts is expected to last for few days upon which it should go away and return to your usual routine practices.

Regenerative medication eliminates the need for general anesthesia. The doctor will make sure the injection is done at the right location and this can be enhanced by the use of ultrasound to locate the area. You will experience minimum discomforts and no need for anesthesia either general or localized. Only make sure you have the right treatment schedule when you will be receiving your therapy until the results of the treatment are out. As a matter of fact, the process will not take long since healing is very faster, since the stem cells and platelet-rich plasma work fast to repair the affected areas.

The safety of the therapy is guaranteed. There are no high risks because your own cells are used during the medication. The cells are taken from bone marrow or the body fats in case stem cells are to be extracted. In the case of platelets rich plasma, the platelets are separated from the blood and mixed with plasma. Both mixtures are from your own body and hence no risks; therefore, this technology is of great importance as discussed above.

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