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Advancement in technology has led to emergence of many electrical devices. Some of these devices are poorly made they hence release some electromagnetic waves which are harmful to the body they bring different diseases an example they cause damage to the cell or even cell breakdown his lead to emergence of different various diseases which are not easy to treat some of this diseases can be transferred from the mother to the child during the pregnancy period hence people are also affecting the generations to come. It is therefore important to prevent excess absorption of this waves for the sake of even the generations to come.

Humans are used to modern life style which has been enhance and made easier with the modern technology. This is a blinding situation as these gadgets are not only making life easier but also short due to exposure to risks in form of extremely bad energy resulting from the use of this gadgets. Appliances such as: microwave, Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, computers, radios, among others send out vast amount of energy in form of waves, which raises concerns on the quality assurance and safety of this gadgets for human use. Over years scientists and doctors have worked out their research and established dangers of this waves to human exposure. Research has proven that cancer is linked to most of this waves. Other dangers include, certain type of leukemia in adults, insomnia, headache, dysesthesia – painful, often itchy sensations , changes in memory, dizziness, nausea, skin burning and tingling among other more that have not been discovered.

As a health concern, the waves generated by most of the electrical modules have been studied and reported to produce harmful wave frequencies. This has led to development of nullification and protective gear modules that protect the body against this wave frequencies. For example 5G protection sound embed frequency CBD. These gadgets protect the body by emitting protective frequency that helps to shield the body from extreme electromagnetic frequencies, they shield the body from negative energy, detoxifies the cells, maintain the state of DNA, they are capable of reducing the intensity of pain.

Electromagnetic Frequencies occur naturally and also get generated from manmade devices as well. It is therefore necessary for everyone to be aware that they exist and are at levels dangerous to human body, thereby raising alarm for humans to act smart about it.

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