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Understanding Lower Back Pain

Nearly all people experience some kind of back pain at some time in their life. A lower back is that part situated behind a person’s belly from the rib case to the pelvis region; it is also referred to as the lumbar region. Back pains are usually the main basis of missed work. Most of the low back pains normally resolve on their own and are commonly due to a strained injury. There are various treatment methods for back pains.

Lower back pains can begin when a person is in their twenties and progress to adulthood years. Studies have it that about 80 percent of population suffers from lower back pains at some point in their lives. Some of the common triggers of lo back pains include twisting the trunk, bending the trunk to the side, bending the truck forward, excessive reaching, falls, obesity, sedentary jobs, lengthy sitting and exposure to whole body vibrations.

The symptoms of low back pain range from very piercing or intense to a dull ache. The pains can be intermittent, continuous or positional. Acute lower back pains can occur immediately after injuries. Chronic pain is described as the pain that lasts for over three months. You must consult a physician if you have a prolonged back ache that exceeds 72 hours.

The severe back pains after injuries must be assessed by health care professionals. The warning signs of the more serious injuries include pain with urinating or coughing, loss of control of the bladder or bowels, fever and new leg weakness. The additional signs will need immediate medical evaluation.

The jobs that involve twisting, lifting and pulling with the low back can lead to low back pains or injuries. Even prolonged sitting in awkward positions will lead to low back pain. This situation can also be caused by a person standing for very many hours. The best method of preventing back pains is by knowing when you are at risk. Some of the jobs that can cause lower back pain include surgeons, cab and bus drivers, carpet cleaners and installers, police and firefighters, warehouse workers, healthcare workers and nurses, airline crew, construction workers, mechanics and janitors.

Carrying an overstuffed handbag, briefcase and purse cat strain the lower back. If you want to carry a heavy load, consider going for the wheeled briefcases instead. If you reduce the weight you carry around, you reduce the pressure asserted on the spine. Make sure that the backpack of your kids is not overloaded to avoid back problems.

Most of the athletic back injuries are associated with pains of the strains and ligaments muscles close to the spine. Serious complications and conditions can have similar signs to the routine strain or sprain. Some common sports injuries happen after repetitive overuse of the spine either through flexion, compression or twisting. The high impact sporting activities like volleyball, football and running can lead to low back pains. Sports that also involve repetitive twisting like golf will also cause this condition.

The back offers optimal support when we stand properly and avoid slouching. Using the right sitting posture will support the lower back with the shoulders and feet will prevent this disorder.

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